We design unique and tailored events that are both timeless as they are elegant. We believe in pulling elements that represent a couple's style and personality for a truly custom and personal experience. From stunning personal flowers, ceremony design/set up to reception design floor plan and linens, we have you covered. We pride ourselves on our dedication to our clients and the ability to work with all types of budgets. Our average client spends between $5,000 - $15,000 although we do several weddings each year below and above that average. 


Event design is all about personalizing your wedding and making it beautiful. We go beyond arranging pretty flowers and consider every visual component of your wedding. We will help you define your vision and then bring your personal style to life with our creative direction. Wrapping our hands around every visual detail of your wedding ensures your story is told cohesively from start to finish. Together, we will think through the stationery font, the texture of your linen, the finish on your chair, the ribbon tied around your guest favors, the pillows on your soft seating, the types of flowers that will best communicate your style and every other detail that will make your wedding one of a kind.


We do our flowers in-house! Our personal style is lush, organic and romantic. Each of our designs incorporates big romantic blooms, twisting clematis vines and various types of natural foliage you would find growing in nature. We source flowers from around the world and find the best blooms from Holland, Japan and Italy in addition to working closely with local flower farmers who grow product specifically for our weddings. Our large and ever growing collection of  vases, altars and urns offer the perfect selection of vessels to hold your flowers for your celebration.

Whether you’ve daydreamed about your wedding since you were a child or you have no idea where to begin with the design, we would love the opportunity to collaborate with you and create something special. Let’s Connect!